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Cedar Needs Summer Sun Protection

Simply cleaning your cedar roof is not enough, it needs the protection offered by preservation. 

Clean AND Preserve your Cedar Roof


ss325Spring is a time for the growth of all things green but hopefully your roof is already free of the moss, mildew and debris that harbor moisture and cause the rot of wood shakes and shingles. As it comes to an end, hot weather and sunny summer days may sound nice to you but UV rays pose new risks for your roof.

Sunlight and moisture are a wood roofs two greatest enemies; consistent moisture encourages decay while UV-generated weathering causes cupping, curling, cracking and/or splitting. Together they are primary factors for wood roofs becoming aesthetically compromised as they age and ultimately why they require premature replacement. Preservation is crucial for protecting your cedar roof from the damaging effects of sunlight and moisture. This protective coating penetrates the cedar shakes and shingles deeply to provide outstanding weather protection.

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Only trust a cedar roof professional to clean your roof

Spring Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a cedar roof will remove debris as well as moss, mold and mildew allowing good air circulation. Don’t trust just “any” roof cleaning service to wash your cedar roof, though. In the wrong hands, a power washer can damage the shake/shingles. Using a cedar roof expert to evaluate and clean your cedar roof is the only way to assure it receives the proper wood restorer, the correct pressure and the right fan tip, to completely and safely wash your cedar roof.

The Cedar Roof Company will first examine your roofs current condition. Any repair work, if necessary, will be noted at this time. Our roofing professionals have the knowledge, experience and correct materials to make repairs, as well. We recommend that you schedule your appointment and plan to be present if at all possible. We guarantee that you will learn more about your shake or shingle roof by viewing it with a professional then what you will read on any proposal. The estimates we offer are clear and informative, including a price for the recommended work and any options.

After a thorough evaluation and performing any needed repairs our cedar roof cleaning process for older roofs begins with treatment by a weathered wood restorer followed by a thorough yet safe cleaning service to the roof’s cedar shakes and shingles. The gentle power washing removes dirt, mold, mildew and dead wood fibers bringing the roof back to a rich “new” appearance without causing damage to the wood. Cleaning is just the first step though.

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While cleaning your cedar roof is an important aspect of proper maintenance, it is only half of the service we offer. In the second stage, experienced and skilled technicians operate a high-volume, low-pressure spray unit to evenly and precisely coat the entire cedar roof surface with Amteco’s TWP (Total Wood Preservative) 200, a one-coat penetrating treatment designed specifically for cedar shake and shingle roofs. The preservation coating comes in three natural cedar selections including a timeless Weathered Gray, a classic shade of Nantucket Gray and a Cedartone that enhances the look of new cedar.

The coating prevents both cedar shakes and shingles from checking, cupping, curling, splitting and decay while its water repellent blend is guaranteed never to crack or peel. The treatment is approved by the EPA and only needs to be reapplied every five to six years, making preservation a decision that will add value to your home while requiring limited future cedar roof maintenance. Protecting this investment in a luxury product from premature aging and replacement simply makes good economic sense. By choosing to preserve early in the life of their roof, our installation customers add five years to their No-Leak Warranty.

Questioning preservation benefits to cedar is as silly as doubting the use of SPF sun care for a day at the beach.

Since 1993, our treatment process has proven to save our customers in both avoidable repairs and premature roof replacement. Homeowners who choose to preserve their roof keep their roof and the sooner preservation begins in the life of your wood roof the longer you can expect it to last.


The Cedar Roof Company is the only company to trust with the cleaning and treatment of your roof, whether you’re thinking of preserving your wood roof for the first time or planning on Re-Coating your roof, call us today for your roof evaluation

See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.