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Preservation Reviews

Here’s what our customers have to say about our preservation work.


The Cedar Roof Company is like the Gold Standard of contractors.  You know your subject inside and out, you perform your work diligently and with quality, you provide outstanding customer service, and you handle the business side – estimating, pricing, warranty, etc – brilliantly.  You provided us with a quote in the fall of 2007 for cleaning and preserving our cedar roof.  We wanted to be sure about it, so we drove by dozens of the houses that you had treated in the past, all across the western suburbs of Philadelphia.  It was clear that the treated roofs were holding up much better than the untreated ones of the same age.

We then talked about color choices for the preservative.  Our initial tendency was to go with the natural cedar color, but Brian recommended considering Nantucket Gray.  After thinking it over, we agreed.  In hindsight, it was a great recommendation – the color works perfectly for our house, and it looks just right.  It was a great piece of advice.

We heartily recommend The Cedar Roof Company to anyone with a Cedar roof.

– Barrett

I wanted to write this letter for several reasons. None of which are more important than acknowledging your company for great work and service performed on my house. I can say, with confidence, that your company is the most flexible, professional and serviceable contractor I have worked with in over 12 years. Working with Brian Pott has been an absolute pleasure.

When I contracted him over one year ago about working on my cedar roof, I knew I was not a large project for his company. I was able to contact him on his cell phone and he took as much time as necessary explaining the details of my roof and the possible roof treatments. He then visited the house so we could discuss potential work in detail. He was extremely flexible with the work schedule and his team of employees was always very cordial, diligent, and comprehensive in the cleanup work.

I honestly wish every contractor would be so easy to deal with as The Cedar Roof Company and I would never hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone.  I wish you continued success in your endeavors and look forward to dealing with your company again in the future.

– Stewart, Wayne

We are thrilled with our nice clean roof! Your workers were terrific and did a great job!

– Shoals, Gladwyne

Just wanted to let you and everyone else at Cedar Roof know that my roof’s recoat looks amazing. You’re the only company I would trust in my home while I am on vacation and you lived up to all my expectations. Your attention to detail sets you apart from other construction company’s I have dealt with in the past. Kudos to your office staff and work crews!

– Grandi

We’ve owned our home in Chadds Ford for almost 11 years and I met Brian right after we moved in because we were interested in extending the life of the 10-year old cedar roof of the house we had just bought. I had done quite a bit of research and Brian was wonderful in explaining the treatment procedure and schedule of reapplications.

We had the first preservative treatment a month after moving in and we have followed the recommendations to retreat every 5 years, for a total of 3 treatments, the last one in Sept. 2009. After 10+ years here (and 20+ for the roof), our roof looks great, while 9 of our 12 neighbors have had to replace their cedar roofs within the last 5 years.

Cedar Roof Company crews are very professional and clean up well after their work, and the office is great about reminding you that's time to retreat, if you forget to schedule.

Excellent service all around. We highly recommend.

– Hagan, Chadds Ford 

Your company power washed, inspected, repaired and treated my cedar shake roof with preservative in 2005. The purpose of this note is twofold: First, to thank you for the excellent job you did in 2005.

In 2005, I realized that my roof was beginning to show signs of age. After speaking to a neighbor about the work you performed for them, I had the work indicated above performed. Your work improved the appearance of my roof markedly and gave me much more confidence that my roof would last for many more years. I now realize that I should have begun the process of protecting the investment I have in my roof shortly after purchasing my home.

I offer you my sincere thanks for both your original work on my roof and your professionalism in standing behind your work when I sold my home.

– Schuyler

Thank you for a great job! Your courteous staff did excellent work; our roof looks great and more importantly, it’s preserved. In short, tremendous value for our dollar!

– Mikropoulis

I was pleased with the personal attention devoted to my roof cleaning, repair and preservation. You did as you promised plus! We are sure that your other customers feel as we do and we certainly would recommend your services to others.

– Munk

When we purchased our home in 2002, it was 10 years old with a cedar shake roof.  Our home inspector told us that a cedar shake roof can last 50+ years – if it is properly maintained.

We have had The Cedar Roof Company on a maintenance schedule to clean and preserve our roof. Our roof is now 22 years old and it looks better than the day we moved in 12 years ago. Because many of our neighbors have not maintained their cedar roofs, they have had to replace them with new cedar shake roofs while ours continues to perform and look great. Some of our neighbors were so impressed with the condition of our roof, they also engaged The Cedar Roof Company to preserve theirs and avoid costly new roof replacements.

I write very few testimonials but when I do, it is because I believe a person or an organization has truly done exceptional work.  The Cedar Roof Company truly does exceptional work. The staff at Cedar Roof is extremely competent and professional. They truly understand the value of a cedar roof, what is needed to preserve it and provide an excellent customer experience.  They are an essential investment to assure the maximum life of 50+ years for your cedar shake roof.

– Battista

Fortunately, my home was one of the last ones built in the neighborhood, and I made the decision to preserve my roof at a younger age than most. The effectiveness of preservation became evident when I visually compared the appearance of my roof vs. others in the neighborhood as well as on my own street that had not. The difference is clear and indisputable.

– Knotts, Somerset Lake homeowner, Landenberg
Quote from a published interview with Suburban Life magazine

I just wanted to thank you and the company for the fantastic transformation that has taken place on our house.  The cedar roof on our house was only 13 years old but with accumulated moss etc, it looked as though it really required replacement. I must admit that I was skeptical that it could be cleaned and brought back to like new, but boy was I wrong. The finished product actually looks better than when the roof was new. The guys recommended the Nantucket Grey stain, and for our house, it was spot on. Once again, hats off and thanks to everyone at the Cedar Roof Company for an excellent and above all professional job.

– Adler

We have always taken their suggestions regarding maintenance and upkeep and have never been disappointed. We were gone during the day while the preservation work was being completed. When we turned into our driveway and saw the difference, we knew it was money well spent. The roof looked new, and our home was built in 1992.

– Forgue
Quote from a published interview with Suburban Life magazine

We would highly recommend the Cedar Roof Company for all your cedar roofing needs.  We have used them on three occasions, to power wash and preserve our roof, to diagnose and repair a leaking flashing on a vent pipe, and to inspect the roof at the request of our buyers when we sold our home.  On each occasion, the response was prompt and the work was done expertly.

We were very pleased with the way the crew accomplished the job and cleaned up once the job was completed.  Our roof looks great and we have not had any problems with it while some of our neighbors have had to deal with leaks and even replace their uncoated roofs.  We would recommend the services of The Cedar Roof Company to anyone who would like to preserve their roof.

– Kurywchak, Kennett Square

Eight years ago, I agreed to get a complete preservation treatment. The results were immediately observable and impressive, just as promised. It looked like I had a brand new roof. I have currently completed a re-coating/maintenance program …Because the initial process was so successful, and had such a long lasting effect, my roof was still in very good condition. My cedar shake roof now looks brand new all over again.

– Walker

I wish to offer a much deserved testimonial towards The Cedar Roof Company. Eight years ago, I discussed my options with Brian, the owner, and agreed to get a complete preservation treatment. The results were immediately observable and impressive, just as promised. It looked like I had a brand new roof. It has been a great feeling to return home every day and have my house greet me in such wonderful condition.

I have currently completed a re-coating/maintenance program; as my roof now requires the work to be done. To be totally fair and honest, I am two years “out of cycle”, due to my own negligence, despite being politely and intermittently reminded by The Cedar Roof Company.

Here’s the great part. Because the initial process was so successful, and had such a long lasting effect, my roof was still in very good condition, despite my delays. My cedar shake roof now looks brand new all over again. I have now returned “Back to the Future”, and it is a gratifying experience. It continues to astonish me that so many of my neighbors do not appear to think that this process is a worthy investment. I should know, because I am in the investment business, and am still in business.

I can always recognize proper value. The guy ten houses down the street now knows this as well, because he seemingly refused to heed advice, so he recently had to replace the front facing half of his cedar roof, at a cost of approximately $28,000. The company they chose to replace the roof was The Cedar Roof Company and I know their plans are to preserve with them as well. Guess what? I will be much more vigilant to stay “in cycle” within the upcoming years. I absolutely do not want to become the “guy down the street”!

– Jones

Your estimate arrived recently and I must compliment you on it. My wife and I have already visited several of the homes you list and we are most impressed with your work. We are considering our options with our roof but I must compliment you on both the estimate and the work evidence.

– Quinn

Great job!  The roof looks new.  The guys were excellent, polite and cleaned up my siding and porch post.  Thank you again!

– Zummo

Thanks so much for making everything so clean, bright and so beautiful!

– Roz

The roof looks like new and the shutters gave the house a lift.  Thanks for a great job!  I will recommend you highly!

– Turk, Malvern

The mildew streaks spoiled the appearance of our house.  The Roof Cleaning Specialists did a great job at removing the stains and we are pleased with the final results.

– Nichols, Phoenixville

It is without reservations or qualifications that I highly recommend the Cedar Roof Preservation Company of Malvern, PA to treat cedar roofs.  In 2000, the Board of Waynesborough Woods, a community of 107 cluster homes, carefully reviewed the treatment of cedar roofs and selected, over several other vendors, the Cedar Roof Preservation Company to carry out the treatment of our roofs.

Approximately 80 homes were treated in 2002-2003; each homeowner had the option of having the treatment done or not.  The Board was very pleased with the overall performance, workmanship, and responsibility of the workers and management of the company.  They maintained the time schedule established and kept individual homeowners well informed of their activities.  At the end of each day, they left a clean and orderly work area.  The workers were very polite, cooperative, and efficient.  The Board received no complaints from the homeowners about any aspect of the work, including the workmanship or the result of the treatment.

There were only a few cases of a problem (e.g., a broken light fixture); these were repaired promptly by the company without discussion.  We are very pleased with the appearance of the treated roofs and believe that the treatment will extend the life of the roofs.  The Cedar Roof Preservation Company is a responsive, efficient and trustworthy company, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

– Thomas M. Devlin, President – Waynesborough Woods

Gentleman, as you promised, your crew power washed the roof on our house while they were in our neighborhood to wash and treat roofs.  After seeing the improved appearance of our roof, after washing, my wife and I visited Waynesborough Woods, liked what we saw, and decided to implement your full preservation program.

Your crew applied the coating and cleaned up.  It was a pleasure to work with a contractor who meets his commitments and does not inconvenience the customer.

– Zinser, Newtown Square

Please tell Jason that I was most pleased, when I arrived home, and could not believe my eyes.  I never imagined the roof could become so clean.  Thank you for doing a wonderful job.

– Schneider, Strafford

Just wanted to say what a FANTASTIC job the guys did on my roof! I’m telling everyone how nice it looks – like new! Please tell the men that they did an awesome job – it is truly miraculous what you and they have accomplished – people simply don’t believe it is the same roof!

Since my home sits in a valley, from the street view is mostly of the roof, you can imagine how pleased I am that the roof looks brand new again! (My roof actually became a source of embarrassment to me these past few years). Now I am proud to show it off to all of my friends and neighbors and the many commuters on my busy street.

– Rosenthal, Newtown Square

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