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Why Cedar Roofs Fail

I’ve had a bad experience with my current cedar roof, why should I replace it with the same product rather than switching?


roof3A new cedar roof will always look great. As I often say, “The product speaks for itself,” but the customer doesn’t always get what they pay for; sometimes they receive a product inferior to the cost. You may have been one of these customers. An evaluation of the faulty roof will need to be performed to realize the issues at hand. It is embarrassing in some cases to have to tell the homeowner they unfortunately got a poor quality job. This is usually a result of poor quality cedar and a poor install. The client is entitled to have their roofing installed properly by the guidelines set forth by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB), whose manual is available online free of charge at

The Cedar Roof Company is an approved installer with the CSSB and use the installation techniques recommended by the CSSB, as well as above-grade finishing details that include Water and Ice Shield, venting, wrapping and the use of stainless steel fasteners.  We only use premium grade shakes and #1 grade shingles from Waldun Forest Group that carry the “Certi Label” designation. Because of these standards, our work is back by our own Warranty, that of the CSSB and by Waldun – three layers of protection. 

Care and maintenance is also a huge factor in the longevity of a cedar roof. Failure to properly preserve it can lead to cupping, curling, cracking and splitting of the shakes/shingles which result from the effects of UV damage and moisture – a wood roof’s biggest enemies. Applying our wood preservative 12 to 18 months after installation and staying in a 5 or 6 recoat cycle will have lasting benefits beyond your expectations. With a good quality product and installation coupled with The CRC preservative program, a cedar roof can last indefinitely and provide superior insulation, protection and appeal.

Mike Malone

is the Installation Manger of The Cedar Roof Company, having been a valuable member of the team since 2000. His duties include scheduling and overseeing the crews, as well as ordering materials. Mike enjoys assisting customers with their cedar roof questions and concerns and so, many times, he is the one you are likely to meet during a consultation for a real estate certification, roof inspection, installation or repair. He is also available to answer your questions through our on-line form.

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Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.