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Age Before Beauty, Five Reasons Old Homes are Best

Historic home with cedar roof

Old Homes offer many attributes their younger counterparts can’t including natural dependable materials like stone and cedar.

The Delaware Valley is full of historic cedar roof homes, and while new roofs are great, there are many advantages offered by old homes and home renovations. Connoisseurs know that like a fine wine, historic homes have aged to perfection.

If you own an older home you are no doubt aware of its quirks and characteristics, including the care of its cedar roof, but you should also be proud of its strength and timeless beauty. These homes have stood the test of time to become classic examples of traditional architecture.


Home buyers considering a historic cedar roof home for purchase or home restoration are advised to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent – and to contact The Cedar Roof Company about our Real Estate Certifications to help them navigate the home inspection and real estate sale – but should consider these five advantages to owning an old home.

Quality of construction

They don’t build them like they used to. Old homes offer quality construction and craftsmanship in every detail. In addition to wind- and impact-resistant cedar roofs they often contain features such as hardwood flooring, solid stone construction and handmade decorative molding just not found in  today’s new homes.

Functional charm

These home were designed to work with nature, they were typically built to take advantage of cool summer breezes, warming winter sun and stone to moderate seasonal temperatures, all features that now help lower heating and cooling costs. Cedar roofs similarly provide a high insulation value and a cradle-to-grave life-cycle that works with nature. As an added benefit – these natural materials look great too.

Tax benefits

In order to maintain their historic charm some communities offer local, state and federal tax breaks for owners of historic homes. It is in the interest of these organizations to have residents preserving these properties, so they are often willing to offer owners a break on their tax bills if they will maintain them.


If an older home has been well-cared for, or even a bit neglected, it is likely to offer mature landscaping. Stately Boxwood hedges, stunning specimens, generous shade and maybe even a tree large enough to hold a swing are some of the advantages offered by older homes.  Of course if that shade and solitude has resulted in an unwanted green-roof, one covered in moss, mold and mildew, The Cedar Roof Company can assist with cleaning and preservation of your wood roof, cedar roof repair or roof replacement.

Welcoming Spirit

Okay, so there is a chance your historic home still has the spirit of an earlier owner attached to it but who wouldn’t want to continue to enjoy a beautiful and cozy home for eternity? More than likely though, what your older home is full of are good memories; generations of families celebrated their life with-in the walls of your home, filling it with happiness and joy. We hope you will do the same!

See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.