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Certification Reviews

Here’s what our customers have to say about our certification work.


I’ve had my house on the market for some time at much lower price than competing homes in my development due to the fact that my cedar shake roof is original to the 27 year old house. It looks like all weathered cedar roofs do but buyers remained doubtful and saw it as a major financial problem. I knew the solid reputation that Cedar Roof has had for years and took advantage of their spring cleaning offer and warrantee.

The professional manner of their worker who was so well informed, so courteous and thorough as he explained step by step what issues he found and what needed to be done to fix them. Not only did his assessment assure me of the condition of my roof (good for another ten years and their inclusive five year warrantee) with fixing any loose shakes and making sure all were adhered. He also informed me that the weather proof sealant they had applied five years ago was still good.

What huge relief to hear but that wasn’t all. He answered the second big issue that kept my sale price so low, the dampness found in my stucco was due to the poor condition of the gutters. They were out of alignment, bent so that all the rain water had been pouring into the stucco walls. He reattached and enforced them saying that now the stucco would dry out! In just two days he had everything done and I now have their warrantee included in our sellers disclosure. What an outstanding value for me in such a competitive market where buyers tend toward “New” construction, dubious about the condition of finely built older homes. Cedar Roof offers both the seller and buyer a win, win opportunity.

It’s an easy, fast way to sell with confidence and backed by the guarantee of a highly reputable company!

– Chance

I am purchasing a home that has a cedar roof. During the home inspection, the inspector suggested that I have a roofing professional inspect the roof, due to some potential problems he noticed. A member of your company, Mike Malone, came to the house to assess the roof.

I explained to Mike that I knew little about cedar roofs, so he took the time to thoroughly explain the various materials, installation techniques, and replacement options. Given how little I knew, I would have believed him if he said the roof needed replacing.

He took his time to do a comprehensive inspection of the entire roof. His recommendation was that only repairs were necessary! In these challenging times, it was refreshing to meet such an honest, trustworthy person. I would not hesitate to recommend Cedar Roof Company to anyone I know!

– Smith, Newtown Square

I am writing to you today to tell you a GOOD story. Yesterday, I had a pre-settlement walk thru in the development of Avonwood, Wayne, PA. My client was inspecting the house and goes up into the attic and there is a hole in the roof the size of a basketball. The sun is shining through the attic. Needless to say, my clients were not happy.

In my folder, I had your work order for the past work you had done at the house. I called your office and the lovely woman who answered the phone contacted Mike Malone. He was at the house within 30 minutes, assessed the problem and fixed it on the spot.

We went to settlement. Please thank Mike and everyone in your office for great customer service. I have told this story six times already today.

– Eileen Brown – Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors, Wayne

Thanks for the very prompt service!  Very much appreciated!

– Mattes, Media

I believe the circumstance that separated your company from any other company I ever dealt with was 1 year after my service I was selling my house. Brian and his team spent as much time as necessary educating me and potential buyers about the condition of my roof. There was absolutely no incentive for him to do this other than valuing me as a customer. In fact due to time constraints I needed someone from his company to come to our house for a roof inspection and they came over within one hour of that conversation to perform the inspection in order to certify my roof.

I honestly wish every contractor would be as easy to deal with as The Cedar Roof Company and I would never hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone. I wish you continued success in your endeavors and look forward to dealing with your company again in the future.

– Stewart, Wayne

Thanks so much for scheduling Dan to come out last week.  He did a terrific job!  I’ll call again if we need more help!  Thanks again!

– Wilson

In June, we received an offer on our house with the requirement that we have a guarantee on our cedar roof.  I contacted Cedar Roof company who promptly came to my house to assess the age and wear on our roof.  Brian was able to quickly assess what the life of the roof was, completed some minor repairs on our roof and provide a 3 year warrantee that satisfied the potential buyers.  Thanks Cedar Roof company for being there for us.  We even recommended you to our realtor.

– Shaw

Any warranty that can be passed on to a prospective buyer is a great selling point. A home is a huge investment these days, and being proactive is the only way to protect that investment.

– Forgue
Quote from a published interview with Suburban Life magazine

I represent many sellers, and cedar roofs can be a challenge for all parties involved because there is a lack of education as to how they function.

People can be scared by them. A Roof Certification backed by a Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty is a great tool when we get to home inspection.

It gives the buyer peace of mind.

– Scott Furman, Realtor with RE/MAX Classic, Saint Davids
Quote from a published interview with Suburban Life magazine

When we were in the process of selling the house earlier this month, the new buyer had a lot of questions during the home inspection.  Your company was fantastic – you answered all of their questions, and addressed all of the buyer’s concerns about the roof, as part of a very reasonably priced inspection visit.

– Barrett, Media

“You stood behind your work and successfully resolved all the questions regarding the integrity of my roof during the recent sale of my home. …Your work improved the appearance of my roof markedly and gave me much more confidence that my roof would last for many more years.”

– Schuyler

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