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Preservation Color Options

Keep your cedar roof looking new or beautifully aged, it’s your choice.

The Cedar Roof Company has been Amteco TWP 200 (Total Wood Preservative) for its preservation services since . This non-toxic, environmentally friendly product provides a durable, protective coating that penetrates the cedar shakes and cedar shingles to the core, providing an exceptionally strong barrier against the damaging effects of UV rays and moisture. This preservative coating comes in one of three natural cedar color selections, The Cedar Roof Company believes all three choices of colors beautifully represent natural states of cedar shakes and cedar shingles. They highly recommend and encourage you to visit some of the preserved cedar roofs in your area to view them in person and choose the color that best complements your home.

cedar-roof-weatheredWeathered Gray

This choice offers an authentic and classic interpretation of weathered wood. Depth and character obtained from years of sun exposure – without the influence of mold and mildew (6 years Re-coat cycle).

cedar-roof-nantucketNantucket Gray

The colors of the island are captured in this selection. These beautiful wood shake and shingle roofs feature earthy beige and weathered gray tones (6 years Re-coat cycle).


This color looks like new; fresh and clean like it was just split from the tree. NOTE: This shade may show signs of fading between years four and five in southern sections of roof receiving the most sunlight (5 years Re-coat cycle).

A Note About The Colors Of Cedar:

The Cedar Roof Company believes all three shades of cedar beautifully represent natural states of wood shakes and shingles at different stages of a wood roofs life. We highly recommend and encourage you to visit some of the preserved roofs in your area to view them in person and choose the hue that best compliments your taste and home. Take a look at some of the variations in our gallery.

The Cedar Roof Company suggests its customers stay “In Cycle” and not let their wood roofs weather longer then what the product longevity is intended for. Treatment needs to be repeated only once every six years for both Weathered Gray and Nantucket Gray and every five years for Cedartone. Shake and shingle wood roofs that fall “Out Of Cycle” may require a more extensive Cleaning that could cost the homeowner an added expense.

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See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.