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If You Love It Then You Better Put A Guarantee On It!

  Love is in the air this month; unfortunately so are wind, rain, snow and bitter winter temperatures.Your cedar roof helps protect you and your loved ones from all these conditions; maybe it’s time you show it some love in return. Your cedar roof doesn’t want chocolate and roses this Valentines Day, though, it wants […]

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A Beauty Serum For Your Roof

Cosmetic companies boast a lot of claims for their products designed to prevent premature aging of your skin, especially this time of year when cold winter winds threaten to cause additional damage. These products promise to moisturize, condition and protect your skin.Well, your roof has a lot in common with your face; not only is […]

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Cedar Needs Summer Sun Protection

Simply cleaning your cedar roof is not enough, it needs the protection offered by preservation.¬† Clean AND Preserve your Cedar Roof   Spring is a time for the growth of all things green but hopefully your roof is already free of the moss, mildew and debris that harbor moisture and cause the rot of wood […]

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Selling a Cedar Roof Home 

Selling a Cedar Roof Home Did you know that the average cost of a cedar roof replacement in the Greater Philadelphia area is fifty thousand dollars? That is money you would probably rather invest, spend on new home furnishings or enjoy a family vacation with, certainly not an amount you want to negotiate off the […]

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Snow and Ice Cover Hidden Risks On Cedar Roofs

Is Your Cedar Roof Ready For Winter? Protect your roof from the damaging effects of moisture and ultraviolet rays this winter so that it can protect your home from leaks. Get your cedar roof inspected now before snow and ice cover the hidden risks. Our Customer Guarantee and Transferable Warranty programs make it easy to […]

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What To Do About Moss On Your Cedar Roof

In autumn, the leaves begin to drop from the trees, the angle of the sun become lower in the sky and, of course, the temperatures also begin to decline; All good reasons the season is called “fall.” Debris, shade and cool, moist conditions set the stage for moss and mildew to grow on your cedar […]

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Cleaning Your Cedar Roof is Not Enough

Cleaning A Cedar Roof If your cedar roof appears faded, stained, dirty or moss covered you may be interested in cedar roof cleaning. A properly cleaned cedar roof is both beautiful and durable, with a higher wind and impact resistance and better insulation value than other roofing materials. Cedar is also naturally rot-resistant and can […]

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Age Before Beauty, Five Reasons Old Homes are Best

The Delaware Valley is full of historic cedar roof homes, and while new roofs are great, there are many advantages offered by old homes and home renovations.¬†Connoisseurs know that like a fine wine, historic homes have aged to perfection. If you own an older home you are no doubt aware of its quirks and characteristics, […]

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Cedar in the City – How 8 Million People Use Cedar Daily

We write so much about how durable cedar roofing is, how rot-resistant cedar roofing is, how sustainable cedar roofing is, what a high R-Value cedar roofing has, that maybe you are tired of hearing it from us. Well, don’t just take our word for it; cedar is also the material of choice for another rooftop […]

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Tips for Maintaining Your Older Cedar Roof

The Cedar Roof Company prides itself on providing home owners with information and options to care for their wood roofs Six years ago Somerset lake homeowner John Knotts decided to have The Cedar Roof Company (CRC) clean and preserve the cedar roof on his home. Approximately 235 homes in this Landenberg, Pa. neighborhood were originally […]

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See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.