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Do you know how long it will take to replace your roof?

We recently received a question to our Ask Mike section of the website. Here readers can submit questions for our Installation Manger, Mike Malone. See his answer on the time frame required for roof replacement and please let us know if you have a question too or think you might need your roof replaced.

cedar closeWhat is the average installation time for composite shake roofing?

A: Removal and replacement of roofs has many different variables that determine length of time to complete a project. Whether replacing cedar with like materials or transitioning to a composite, the size and scope vary on each home. Generally speaking, a reroof project when cedar is existing will require more time than an existing asphalt shingle. (Asphalt shingles in today’s market are also known as composites.)

Installing a cedar roof is similar to assembling a several-thousand piece jigsaw puzzle that takes a lot of time and effort to construct; cedar shakes and shingles come in different widths that have to be properly placed to offset keyways from the below and above courses. Composite roofing materials usually install much more quickly due to the fact that all pieces are the same width. Once you get each course started the remaining shingles fall in line.

Other variables will include the sub roofing. If the current roof is installed on lathing strips a solid sheathed surface is required for a composite. The addition of the plywood will take more time and add significant cost to a reroofing job. Architectural style of the home will also determine the length of time to complete an install. A gable roof takes less time than a hip roof.

How Much Time to Plan for A Cedar Roof Replacement

So when inquiring on the length of time to complete a project a definitive answer cannot be given. An average home with limited scope is approximately two weeks or longer. Oh, and don’t forget about Mother Nature. Roofing is a weather dependent business. Rain and snow will impede progress but The Cedar Roof Company will do everything possible to make the process clean and quick.

DSCN1288Mike has been a valuable member of the team since 1999. His duties include scheduling and overseeing the crews, as well as ordering materials. Mike enjoys assisting customers with their cedar roof questions and concerns and so – in addition to fielding readers questions – he is the one you are likely to meet during a consultation for a real estate certification, roof inspection, installation or repair.


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