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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I clean and preserve my Cedar Roof?

How long will my cedar roof last?

At what age should I start preserving my roof?

How long does the treatment last?

Why must my roof be cleaned prior to treatment?

How does the cost of preservation compare to a re-roof?

Can power washing damage my wood roof?

How can I expect the cedar roof treatment to perform?

Can any company clean and preserve my cedar roof?

A cedar shake or shingle roof once represented one of the few types of roofs available. Today, it is a premium product that costs the homeowner more to purchase and install than the more common asphalt shingle roof. The rising costs of cedar in the years to come will make cedar roofs an expense few will have the luxury to afford.

Properly maintained cedar roofs can last 50 years and even longer depending upon the age of the cedar roof at the initial preservation. In Southeastern Pennsylvania the average aesthetic life of a cedar roof is substantially less then the functional life of the roof. Not all sections of a cedar roof weather at the same rate. There are many contributing factors including: length, thickness and exposure of the shake or shingle installed. A homes lot position in regard to the presence of trees and UV exposure, as well as roof pitch, determine wear. All of these conditions dictate the available options. Every cedar roof, like every home, is unique and should be evaluated as such.

The Cedar Roof Company recommends preservation after 12 to 18 months of product installation. This “waiting period” required for newly installed cedar roofs is very important. It provides the new cedar time to weather and effectively absorb the protective treatment. A Preservation treatment applied immediately after installation does not allow sufficient penetration of the treatment and can result in a “blotchy” appearance in as little as two to three years. By starting maintenance this early, not only is the cedar roof protected while in prime condition, but you can save money on the Cleaning stage. Generally speaking the sooner preservation takes place in the life of your cedar roof the longer you can expect it to last.

Your first treatment will last between four and six years. Subsequent treatments will last as long as five to six years before Re-coat becomes necessary. Remember, you can save money on your preservation treatments by eliminating the power clean stage by staying “In Cycle” in regard to your maintenance period.

It is necessary for your cedar roof to be thoroughly cleaned to allow the coating to penetrate the shakes/shingles. Mold, mildew, and dead wood fibers if not properly cleaned/removed would stop the cedar from absorbing the treatment. The quality of the Cleaning stage will dictate the effectiveness of the product including the final aesthetics of the roof and the life expectancy of the coating.

Preservation costs are relatively inexpensive compared to a re-roof. With the cost of cedar continuing to rise, preservation can make great economic sense. There are many other factors to consider including the age of the roof, the current condition of the roof, the past maintenance if any to the roof and your future plans in relationship to living in the home the roof protects. For example, If you just replaced your wood roof and plan on moving in the near future preservation may not be in your best interest. However if you own a home with a ten year old roof and plan on moving in the near future, preservation may be a value worth pursuing. Again every home and situation is different based on too many variables to mention here.

Yes, in the wrong hands a power washer can damage the shake/shingle wood exposure. Using the proper wood restorer, the correct pressure and the right fan tip, power washing is the only way to completely clean older roofs never preserved. Again preserving your roof 12 to 18 months after new installation and staying “In Cycle” in regard to Re-coat requires less force (a topical cleaning) to adequately clean the roof prior to coating. A roof with extensive shake/shingle exposure damage including severe cracking/splitting/decay would be best left alone.

The roof coating protects your shake/shingle wood exposure from both sunlight and moisture: your cedar roofs greatest enemies. You can expect your tinted preservative to hold its color, protecting your cedar roof from damaging UV rays. The “free” oils fill in the spaces in the cedar that open up through the aging process. The coating closes off any openings for destructive growths to accumulate. Amteco TWP 200 (Total Wood Preservative) is the No. 1 rated and preferred cedar roof treatment product in the United States.

The cedar shake and shingle is unlike any other wood surface including cedar decking. Your wood roof requires both specific knowledge and skill. Variables on every job include proper roofing equipment, type/age of cedar, specific cleaning chemicals and necessary water pressure/fan tips. Only the knowledge of these variables and how they relate to each other can assure you of a successful job. Remember, for your protection, only workers with the proper insurance should work on your roof. The Cedar Roof Company carries the necessary coverage’s.

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Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.