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Roofing Options

Five roofing products, three installation systems and endless possibilities.

Properly installed and maintained a cedar shake and shingle wood roof’s provide layers of protection that offer long lasting protection and beauty. Cedar shakes and shingles differ in appearance, texture and application. The Cedar Roof Company offers a choice of cedar styles to fit your budget and your home’s ’personality.

cedar-roof-handsplit-shakesRoyal Shingles

The Royal Shingle is sawn on both sides giving it a a smooth, finished appearance. This traditional and tight roof is a popular choice of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

cedar-roof-perfection-shinglesPerfection Shingles

The Perfection Shingle is most common to Northeastern New York and the New England states. Like the Royal Shingle, it creates a smooth and sleek finished appearance.

cedar-roof-handsplit-shakesHandsplit Shakes

Handsplit Shakes create an inviting, rustic appearance with unique charm. The dimensional look adds character to all architectural designs.

cedar-roof-tapersawn-shakesTapersawn Shakes

Tapersawn Shakes are a hybrid of cedar shingles and Handsplit Shakes. Like a cedar shingle, both faces are sawn, as are the edges, giving the Tapersawn Shake a smooth yet bold appearance.

cedar-roof-enviroshakeEnviroshake Composite

The Cedar Roof Company also offers Enviroshake, an advanced composite material that replicates the look of natural cedar shakes and cedar shingles, offering extended performance and dependability without the maintenance. So durable it comes with a Fifty Year Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty. We offer the Classic Silvered Cedar color, along with a Dark Aged Cedar color and a Multi-Tone option that combines both the silvered cedar and aged cedar colors. For more information about Enviroshake visit

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Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.