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Loose/Falling Shakes & Shingles

Are Loose Shakes and Shingles Falling From Your Cedar Roof?

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB) – the utmost authority on the construction of cedar roofing products – recommends that its Certi-labelTM shakes and shingle be installed using stainless steel fasteners, which offer the greatest degree of protection against corrosion – and expressly warns against the use of electro-galvanized nails and yet some contractors continue to use them and even describe them as being protected from rust.


Though galvanization is meant to protect steel-based fasteners from corrosion through the application of a thin layer of zinc, electro-galvanized fasteners are only meant for use in used in mild-weather conditions and in areas with low humidity – certainly not the conditions found on your cedar roof. After prolonged exposure to the elements, the thin layer of zinc oxidizes, leaving the fastener subject to normal rusting and staining. The natural chemistry of cedar, which makes it inherently rot- and insect-resistant, can also react with the chemical coating of the nails, exacerbating their rate of failure.

The signs of electro-galvanized nail failure is evident: the nails experience premature rusting where they contact the cedar and as they fail the shakes or shingles become loose and eventually fall from their position on the roof leading to leaks and water damage to the home.

Repair Recommendations

loose-2For cedar roofs where the fasteners have been confirmed to be electro-galvanized nails, The Cedar Roof Company recommends refastening the entire roof as soon as possible. The situation will only accelerate as the roof continues to age, making this refastening process more difficult than it would currently be and increasing the number of replacement pieces required. This re-nailing process is often completed prior to a preservation treatment.

During re-nailing, The Cedar Roof Company’s professional roofers will install new stainless steel ring shank nails, as recommended by the CSSB. When done correctly, these fasteners will secure the entire roof system without damage to the roof flashing systems, thereby, preserving the protective qualities of the roofing system and extending the overall life of the cedar roof. The use of proper fasteners and nailing methods is imperative to the success of this process. The Cedar Roof Company is confident in their ability to correctly perform this service and so all of its re-nailing jobs include a Transferable Leak and Repair Warranty that ensures the homeowners protection.

See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.