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Repair Rates

Repair Rates for New & Existing Customers

Member Rates

Service and Repair covered by our customer Guarantee/Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty.

The repair(s) and any other recommendations (if any) will be documented and billed as per the Guarantee/Warranty, not including a per shake or shingle charge. Again, we recommend conservative roof repair.

Guarantee/Warranty Perks And Benefits.

The customer Guarantee and or Transferable Warranty covers the entire roof system and flashings including but not limited to the valleys, step flashings and counter flashings that appear throughout the roof. The repair(s) to any Pre-Purchased Guarantee/Warranty customers are elevated to priority scheduling and will receive prompt and quality service. The Actual Guarantee/Warranty information contained within these documents is proprietary to The Cedar Roof Company and is distributed at their discretion.

The Guarantee/Warranty may or may not provide an annual no-cost roof inspection that can be pre-scheduled by calendar month for the entire covered term through The Cedar Roof Company office. Any future repair work required within the Guarantee/Warranty term will be performed at a reduced repair deductible (Either $159 or $259) depending on the Guarantee/Warranty type offered/purchased and a reasonable shake/shingle charge not to exceed Twelve Dollars ($12.00 per) within the Guarantee/Warranty term. Any/all deductible monies paid for unsuccessful roof leak repair performed under Guarantee/Warranty Coverage is refundable.

New Repair Customer

Standard Leak & Roof Repair Service.

We offer prompt service to any Leak & Repair situation because we know how important your home is. All of our Non-Guarantee/Warranty repairs begin with a no-obligation Roof Evaluation. One of our technicians will come to your home to provide an overall roof inspection, an analysis of the damage and diagnose the source of any leak . You will be provided with a written detailed estimate encompassing all labor and materials required to make the repair, as well as outline the options for addressing the roof’s overall condition so that you can make an informed decision about your cedar roof. Call now or fill out our Repair Request Form and we will contact you with-in 24 hours.

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