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Selling a Cedar Roof Home 

Selling a Cedar Roof Homess65 (1)

Did you know that the average cost of a cedar roof replacement in the Greater Philadelphia area is fifty thousand dollars? That is money you would probably rather invest, spend on new home furnishings or enjoy a family vacation with, certainly not an amount you want to negotiate off the price of your cedar roof home in order to hold onto a buyer frightened off by an unfavorable roof evaluation from the home inspector.

The risks of a cedar roof home inspection

Less than one percent of homes have a cedar roof so home inspectors are not sufficiently experienced in evaluating materials as specialized as cedar shakes and shingles. Noting the aesthetic appearance of the exposed wood alone is not an adequate indication of the roof’s current condition and future longevity, so they may provide an inspection report that is damaging. Such information can:

  • Instill doubt in the mind of the buyer
  • Result in delay or loss of a sale
  • Affect the negotiating process
  • Cost the seller tens of thousands of dollars in otherwise unnecessary concessions.

Allowing an inspector to write a definitive inspection report on a complicated cedar shake/shingle roof is not in the seller’s best interest. Cedar roofs ten years and older are the most vulnerable to a negative assessment/home inspection.

Free evaluation of the cedar roof for sellers and their real estate agents

The Cedar Roof Company offers a Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP), designed to help parties involved in the real estate transactions of wood roof homes. It allows homeowners who are planning on selling their home to be proactive about their roof’s condition by offering them a free roof evaluation. We can provide:folder-final

  • A professional evaluation
  • Accurate information about the roof
  • Expert repairs
  • Roof Certifications
  • Transferable Leak and Repair Warranties

Our Roof Certification can be used to demonstrate that factual documentation regarding the roof’s condition and remaining life expectancy was used to determine a fair price while the Transferable Warranty is designed to take the liability of the roof and its future performance off of the home inspector and offer future repair assurance to any buyer who purchases the home

Trusted by home buyers, sellers, inspectors and real estate professionals

Getting this information documented by an expert before having a home inspector offer an opinion is critical to the home selling process. Unfortunately, too many sellers don’t turn to us until the inspector has already provided an unfavorable evaluation, don’t wait. Our truthful and accurate roof assessment is trusted by buyers, sellers, home inspectors and real estate professionals, alike.

Don’t delay, call The Cedar Roof Company at 610-647-3099 to schedule a free evaluation and REAP the benefits of our knowledge.

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