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Don’t Install A New Roof Without This One Material

Protect your Home From Ice and Water Damage The winter months are now upon us and homeowners with roofing needs should not look past the importance of ice and water shield. This underlayment is required for all types of roofing products when installing a new roof system. Building code has mandated this material. The installation […]

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Rebuilding America, One Cedar Roof at a Time

There has been a lot of talk lately about blue-collar employees, putting Americans back to work and making the country great and – while we don’t want to touch the politics of this issue with a 20 foot ladder – we do think we can add something to the conversation about the importance of the […]

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Modern Home Design with Composite Cedar

A modern home design requires the use of the best materials, ones that offer the beauty of nature with the performance of new technology. For those who want to enjoy the charm of cedar on their home without the maintenance, Enviroshake composite cedar roofing replicates the curb appeal of real cedar while continuing to offer […]

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Cedar Secrets – See What is Hidden In These Old Barns

Barn Raising Being “raised in a barn,” was meant to insinuate that one had bad manners but clearly the inventor of this term had not seen some of the beautiful barn conversions completed by today’s architects and craftsmen. Old barns have been known to hide many treasures but none so great as these amazing renovations (Images […]

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Age Before Beauty, Five Reasons Old Homes are Best

The Delaware Valley is full of historic cedar roof homes, and while new roofs are great, there are many advantages offered by old homes and home renovations. Connoisseurs know that like a fine wine, historic homes have aged to perfection. If you own an older home you are no doubt aware of its quirks and characteristics, […]

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Discover Seven Cedar Roof Shingle Homes You Will Want to Build

IS building a dream home one of your New Years resolutions? Everyone seems to make lists and resolutions at the start of the New Year, either recapping the year past or planning the year ahead. While in the past we have been dutiful about sharing our recommendations for the care and maintenance of your cedar […]

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Traditional Home Designs with Cedar Roofing

Architectural Design and Cedar Roofing – Traditional Homes This is the first in our series of blogs on home design and the many styles of architecture to use cedar roofing. While cedar roofing complements a variety of architectural styles, it makes sense to begin our series with traditional homes; Having been used for for centuries […]

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See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.