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Snow and Ice Cover Hidden Risks On Cedar Roofs

Is Your Cedar Roof Ready For Winter?

Protect your roof from the damaging effects of moisture and ultraviolet rays this winter so that it can protect your home from leaks. Get your cedar roof inspected now before snow and ice cover the hidden risks. Our Customer Guarantee and Transferable Warranty programs make it easy to ensure you are covered by our protection even if your cedar roof is covered in snow.

All of The Cedar Roof Company’s preservation customers receive a Leak and Repair Guarantee. This protection is automatically renewed for customers who stay “in-cycle” with subsequent re-coatings. We suggest customers not let their cedar roofs weather longer than what the treatment is intended for. Preservation needs to be repeated only once every five to six years, depending on your original selection of color, in order to remain “in-cycle” and eligible for the many benefits it offers.

The Benefits of Being Protected

Along with superior roof protection, homeowners who stay “In-Cycle” and under the Guarantee enjoy low fixed repair deductible should repair become necessary. The repair(s) to any protected customers are elevated to priority scheduling status and will receive prompt and quality service. Our Re-coat customers also have access to Transferable Warranty Coverage and Roof Certification if they decide to sell their home.

As part of our Transferable Leak and Repair Warranty coverage, homeowners who remain “In-Cycle” will also receive – free from the usual fee – a Yearly Ground Inspection. For this annual service, The Cedar Roof Company will send a technician to carefully examine each viewable section of the home’s roof for missing/loose shakes needing repair. By providing this preemptive action, Ground Inspections can be an excellent way to detect a problem before it becomes a leak.

Are You Due For A Recoat?

Before an estimate can be submitted for Re-Coat, an evaluation of the roof is required. The different sections of the roof will be examined in its current shape. Any repair work if necessary will be noted at this time. We recommend that you schedule your appointment and plan to be present if at all possible. We guarantee that you will learn more about your shake or shingle roof by viewing it with a professional then what you will read on any proposal. The estimate to follow will be clear and informative including a price for the recommended work. CRC’s goal is to educate homeowners about the options available for their roof by providing an inspection that examines the quality of their cedar shakes’ or shingles’ current condition.

Age alone is not always a death sentence for wood roofs. There are many other contributing factors affecting how a wood roof will age including: type, length, thickness and exposure of the shake or shingle, method of installation and environmental conditions. A home’s lot position with regard to the presence of trees as well as roof pitch can determine weathering and current condition. All of these factors determine the roofs life expectancy and dictate the options available. Every cedar roof, like every home, is unique and should be evaluated as such.

What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking

Although many homeowners panic when they see evidence of a leak, The Cedar Roof Company believes that the most important thing they should understand is that there is rarely pressure to make a quick decision about the replacement of their roof. Even a visible leak can be repaired in order to allow a customer adequate time to consider their options.

Our goal is to educate homeowners about the options available for their roof by providing an inspection that examines the quality of their cedar shakes’ or shingles’ current condition.

This sort of thorough and honest assessment is one factor that sets The Cedar Roof Company apart from other roofing contractors. With more than 2,800 active customers and membership in local business and industry organizations, we are in fact, the only company in southeastern Pennsylvania with a service department dedicated to maintaining and repairing wood roofs.

If you think your wood roof might be ready for Re-Coat or you have gotten a reminder, please call our office. If you suspect a leak or damage you can either call our office or fill out a Repair/Request Form anytime.

Take action today to ensure you can enjoy the security of a a roof that has been inspected, is protected and know any problems can quickly be corrected!

See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.