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Top Three Ways to Get Good Cedar Shakes/Shingles

How do I know if the wood they are using carries the Certi-Label designation and if the mill is reputable?

Each bundle of shakes/shingles used on your home will have a label attached. At the very top in blue ink it will read: Certi-Split, Certi-Sawn or Certi-Grade. The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau name and address and phone number will also be present

What is the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau?

The CSSB has been a recognized authority on cedar roofing since 1915. This organization has set the standards for shake and shingle production and installation guidelines. When installing a new roof be sure to use a Bureau certified mill and roofing contractor. The product that carries a CSSB label must conform to the uniform building code. These mills must have a third party inspection agency and a quality auditor. An accredited contractor must submit references to the Bureau of cedar jobs completed in which they do a rigorous follow up to ensure quality installation and professional business practice.

Is there any “Good” cedar left?

This is a question we face on an almost daily basis. There is 700,000,000mof old growth forests on the west coast of British Colombia. The government tightly manages the lumber industry to assure sustainability of the resource. We have partnered with The Waldun Group Cedar Mills which produces its shakes and shingles from this region from the highest quality lumber. It is widely recognized for its excellence. Locally, the cupola on Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA was restored using Waldun shakes, selected because of their unsurpassed quality.

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See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.