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Why It’s Worth Paying More for a Good Cedar Company

Why are the three estimates I received for my new roof so drastically different, why is your proposal more?

roof5This is very common concern among homeowners I speak with. Most roofing contractors are not proficient with the nuances of cedar shakes and shingles. Unlike these jacks-of-all-trades, there is one thing each of our jobs has in common: they are ALL cedar!

A brand new cedar roof represents itself well. The look of new wood vs the old is astonishing and it’s not until well after the job is complete that most of the possible problems could arise. Many homeowners believe they got a great roof simply because the aesthetic of a new cedar shake or shingle roof leads them believe this to be true, however, improper an installation equals a shortened life span. In this case, the homeowner did not get what they paid for and that is inexcusable. Due diligence on the contractor’s part goes a long way in determining the longevity of a cedar roof.

The Cedar Roof Company has been dedicated to providing homeowners with quality service since 1993. We are an approved installer with the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our skilled technicians have been working with cedar for many years and we have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.

We only use premium grade shakes and #1 grade shingles from Waldun Forest Group that carry the “Certi Label” designation. We are also an approved installer with the CSSB and use the installation techniques recommended by the CSSB as well as above grade finishing details that include Water and Ice Shield, venting, wrapping and the use of stainless steel fasteners.  Our work is back by our own Warranty, that of the CSSB and by Waldun – three layers of protection. Few, if any, other roofing companies can offer you that degree of assurance. The Cedar Roof Company can also provide Preservation, Real Estate Consultations and Repair Service, should you ever need it. Simply put, we are THE cedar experts.

Mike Malone

is the Installation Manger of The Cedar Roof Company, having been a valuable member of the team since 2000. His duties include scheduling and overseeing the crews, as well as ordering materials. Mike enjoys assisting customers with their cedar roof questions and concerns and so, many times, he is the one you are likely to meet during a consultation for a real estate certification, roof inspection, installation or repair. He is also available to answer your questions through our on-line form.

See How the Colors Compare

Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.