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How to Select the Best Cedar Roofing Products

The Story of Cedar – Four companies travel to British Columbia to explore the origins of Western Red Cedar This article was previously published in Suburban Life magazine, September 2012 “Want to head in?” asked Vic Carrao, captain and owner of STS Guiding Service in Mission, British Columbia. It had been a long day fishing on […]

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Why Choose The Cedar Roof Company

Above the Rest The Cedar Roof Company specializes in the installation, preservation and repair of cedar shake and shingle roofs By Sharon A. Shaw | Photography by Rob Hall The wet and windy weather conditions of the last few weeks have caused many homeowners to think about their roofs. Thankfully, those with wood roofs have […]

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Did your Cedar Roof Not Live Up to Its Promises?

Poor Quality Cedar Leads to Roof Failure This excerpt is from an article previously published in Suburban Life magazine, September 2012 According to Mark Carroll of Capital Forest Products, in the 1980s, the Mid-Atlantic market was exposed to a considerable amount of off-grade wood. By using lesser-quality logs, cutting with less precision and packing to […]

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Why Cedar Roof Maintenance is so Important

My contractor/neighbor/real estate agent told me cedar is meant to weather and age naturally, who should I believe? Most builders/contractors/architects are ignorant to the lasting effects of preservation, as was I before learning about the preservation services that The Cedar Roof Company now offers. Our product protects the wood from sunlight and moisture while allowing the […]

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Five Reasons Cedar Wood is Worth the Cost

Why should I spend the extra money on cedar rather than a traditional asphalt shingle roof? Cedar is a beautiful and durable roofing product produced by nature and used as a building material for centuries. When properly installed, a cedar roof is an investment that offers superior insulation, protection and appeal. Yes it’s true an […]

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Why Cedar Roof Cleaning Services are so Important

How does the process work? The two-stage preservation process (to older wood roofs) begins by treating the roof with a weathered wood restorer followed by a thorough yet safe cleaning service to the roof’s cedar shakes and shingles. The gentle power washing removes dirt, mold, mildew and dead wood fibers bringing the roof back to […]

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How to Choose the Right Cedar Shake/Shingles

There are so many choices of shakes, shingles and exposure, how do I choose? What factors are most important in my decision?   If the home has an existing cedar roof it is probably installed on lathing strips. The spacing of these strips narrows the field of choices. Once the spacing is determined, the selection […]

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When to Begin Cedar Roof Maintenance

At what age should I start preserving my roof? The Cedar Roof Company recommends preservation after 12 to 18 months of product installation. This “waiting period” required for newly installed cedar roofs is very important. It provides the new cedar time to weather and effectively absorb the protective treatment. A Preservation treatment applied immediately after […]

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Why Cedar Roofs Fail

I’ve had a bad experience with my current cedar roof, why should I replace it with the same product rather than switching?   A new cedar roof will always look great. As I often say, “The product speaks for itself,” but the customer doesn’t always get what they pay for; sometimes they receive a product […]

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Knowing when to Replace a Cedar Roof

How do I know if it’s time to replace my roof?   Many times, even a roof which has lost its visual appeal is still functional. Instead, most cedar roofs are replaced because they have lost their aesthetic value and not because of their functionality. Cupping and curling are two major issues in older, primarily […]

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Colors depicted for comparison purposes only. Actual preservation color may vary based on the condition of wood roof. Please refer to the Gallery for more representations of colors.